Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trumpet Vine

Trumpet vine sports clusters of beautiful orange-y red flowers that attract hummingbirds, but wait, don't rush out to take a cutting or look for seeds. This plant is very invasive. It has also been called hell vine and cow itch. Drinking the milk of a cow that had eaten trumpet vine could cause itchy skin for some people.
I have books on my Shelfari that will give you more information on the very interesting histories and habits of weeds. I hope you will look for them at your local library or book store.


  1. Would you put a copy of the trumpet vine lesson we had on Paint Page, please? I need to see the center better and this way I can enlarge it. Thanks

  2. I think this are growing wild in our woods..I sure hope that's what it is..

  3. There is one of these vine down the street on our grows on a light pole and we have to duck around it. Didn't know what it was until today...thanks!