Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yellow Nutsedge

My good friend Vicki brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her garden yesterday and I commented on the weed she had added. I did pull it up slightly from the bouquet for the picture taking. The weed is Yellow Nutsedge and it does make for a fabulous filler in a bouquet. It has long spiky leaves and look at those flowers (they are called spikelets), now tell me where in the flower blooming world are you going to find one with this much character.
Yellow Nutsedge is also called Northern Nutgrass and is considered to be a troublesome weed. It competes for space in the fields of crops and can reduce the yield of certain crops. Some peoples of the world grow it for it's tubers, which are said to have a taste similar to that of almonds. It can also be cooked, ground into flour and can even make a refreshing drink.


  1. I got an education on that one. This comes up in my rock garden every year, I pull some and some makes it to the floral arrangements. Glad it made it to yours! Glad you enjoyed!


  2. Hooray, for dv and I loved that bouquet too. I am struggling with Tom's site, but think I got it fixed.

  3. Ima, go to http://heirloomgardener.blogspot.com it is on my sidebar, but she mentioned me in her group of garden blogs. I am totally surprised but anyway, if you haven't check out the blogs she mentioned in that post of 8/31/09. Some are pretty interesting.

  4. QMM,
    I visited that site a few days ago and it is a nice one. I just got back from there and it's great that you're getting more exposure. I will go back to check out some of the other sites she mentions.