Monday, September 21, 2009

Broom Sedge

Broom Sedge is a familiar plant in Kentucky. It grows in pastures and along roadsides. It is green to pale green in color during the growing season and the leaf blades are flat and tapered. It has spike like clusters that are narrow with a protruding hairy bristle. To see the colorful beauty of this plant, wait for a wintry day and pull the stem from one of the sheaths to see colors that range from yellow to copper to bright orange red. To make a broom, tie large handfuls of the stems together, beat out the hairy spikelets and trim the edges, it's ready to use. The "hay man" tells me if I have broom sedge growing, I need to lime the field.


  1. Good to see you are posting again, I missed the posts.

  2. That was an interesting on. Got the pics of the little angels. Worked on one today. The repair man has to come back. I hope it's not on Monday again.