Friday, September 4, 2009


Meet Dug. Dug is the ground-hog in residence. He leads a very idyllic life here. Days are spent munching on the good greens, clover and grass and who knows, maybe an occasional weed. He is getting himself ready for winter. After the first frost he will head into the burrow and spend about three months down below. Did you know that he can swim and climb a tree? He seems to be meditating in this picture but I assure you, he is very alert. He is funny when you see just his head poking out of his hole. And he is watching you and listening to you, just check out those ears. Ground-hogs are also called wood-chucks and I have never figured that one out as the closest thing he would do to wood is maybe nibble on the bark of a tree. Photos by Shannon Gritton.


  1. I didn't know moles were woodchucks. Never too old to learn.

  2. hmmm....I think I would have been running and screaming...not taking photos!!! lol
    great post!