Sunday, September 13, 2009

Great Blue Lobelia, Ladies' Tobacco, Indian Tobacco

This magnificent wild flower is known by several names and has an interesting history. This particular plant was close to three feet in height with bluish to purple flowers touched with white. Lobelia likes moist soil and it was growing along the wet weather creek. It is also known as Ladies' Tobacco and has been smoked as a medicine for asthma and bronchial conditions. Various Native American tribes used it as a sacred tobacco in ceremonies. I did look around for another plant but could not find one. I think it amazing that something so beautiful just grows on it's own. Lobelia can be grown in average garden soil if kept watered.


  1. I wonder if this could be what we called life ever lasting when smoked it had a menthol flavor, it grew at the Dugan farm.

  2. Stonecrop, which has pink, star like blooms is also called Live-Forever and Live-long. I don't know that it was smoked as it is a very "juicy" plant. Even the Frostweed that I posted for Sep 14th has been called Indian tobacco.

  3. So is smoking the recommended method of using this to aid asthma and other bronchial symptoms?