Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ivyleaf Morningglory

Did you know that there are several different morningglorys? They have different shapes of leaves, different colors of flower and some have huge root systems that are edible. The one pictured is Ivyleaf Morningglory. There will be one to five blooms per plant and it blooms June through September. This showy morningglory can be used as an ornamental vine. I think this one seems to be glowing. Click on the picture and tell me if I'm wrong.


  1. Morning Glory is one of my favorite plants. I used to have a small plastic greenhouse in the yard that I would cover with chicken wire and train them on...by the end of July it would look like a flower house. Mine did not amount to much this year..I didn't start them soon enough!

  2. I had morning glory in the back yard and pulled it up and the next year I found it in the front yard growing right in the middle of my coreposis.
    It must get around.