Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Johnson Grass

This plant seems to be able to infiltrate my "grass island" every year. It sneaks in among the pampas, zebra and other ornamental grasses and is fully grown and unseen at times. Patches of johnson grass in the field in late summer provide a beautiful purple haze background for other blooming weeds. The botanical name means sorghum from Halepa, the area of Syria from which it is thought to have originated. It can be used for hay or pasturage for cattle and can be fatal to cattle if consumed after the leaves have been frozen. Cut hay and silage need to be cured for six weeks before being used.


  1. I know the secret of why you are up so early. The same reason I am up at 12 midnight. I have never realized Johnson glass was so pretty in bloom. We get rid of it as quick as we can. That is the case with so many, what we call weeds.