Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This plant is growing at the edge of the pond and there is some in the fence row and down by the culvert. The flower heads can range from white to pink to purple. It has relatives with different names. It can even grow in water and is then called water pepper. Some Smartweeds have a peppery sensation on the tongue and the juice from the plant will create moisture in the eyes, nose and mouth, making them "smart", therefore the name, smartweed.. There is a very long list of medicinal uses for this plant including soaking the plant in vinegar and then wrapping it around the head to cure headache. People have put the leaves into their beds to keep the fleas out. Sure glad those days are gone.


  1. I am glad with you. I am amazed at how colorful all those weeds are. Like I said before as soon as you see the green growth we want to get it out of the way, and miss a beautiful display of nature. Thanks for info

  2. QMM
    Thanks so much for your comments. Weeds are amazing plants and they can take care of themselves, surviving in all the elements. Flowers need us, weeds are independent.