Saturday, September 26, 2009

Smooth Parasol Mushroom

After days and days of rain what did we expect? Mushrooms and fungi! These little beauties were poking their very white and smooth heads out of the grass. This is one of the many lawn mushrooms and they grow very well when the lawn is too wet. Most people don't want them in their lawns and eradicate them but they are actually beneficial to the lawn by helping to break down organic materials which add nutrients to the soil. Most of the mushrooms found in our lawns and gardens are not poisonous but never eat a raw mushroom unless you know it is okay to do so. If you click on the picture showing the top of the mushroom you will see some very tiny insects on the edge. Unfortunately I did not see them when I was taking
the picture or you would have a close up of them. I also wanted to show the gills under the cap. Oh, the things the rains brings. Little wonders to delight us like the smooth parasol mushroom.

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  1. we get a few here and there in our grass...but not like some places!