Friday, October 30, 2009


This cute little critter showed up on the pond a week or so ago. Getting a picture has not been easy. As soon as it was aware of your presence, it would sink below the water and show up at the other end of the pond. We thought it was a duck and it is considered a water bird. When you click on the picture for a larger look you'll see that it has more of a beak than a bill. They are pigeon sized and found around marshes and ponds and eat small fish, insects and they especially like crayfish. It looks really small on the pond and I said it seemed more suited for the bath tub.


  1. Oh it is so cute. I did enlarge it and I agree it looks like a bathtub toy. Great to have you back.

  2. Cute little fella. I noticed the water is really blue or has it been doctored.

  3. That's the water under a nice blue sky with a little lift from the wind to give it the transparency.