Monday, November 30, 2009

Wild Turkey

This is the first time we have seen wild turkeys here. Wild turkeys were nearly wiped out by the early part of the twentieth century from hunting and destruction of their natural habitat. In the 1940's they were reintroduced and are found today in many places that are far removed form their preferred woodland areas. A wild turkey can live three to four years in the wild and they have many predators from the time the egg is laid. They can weigh from six to twenty pounds and have a wing span of four to nearly five feet. Only the male displays the ruffled feathers of the fan like tail and a turkey's gobble can be heard for a mile. They travel in flocks that can include dozens of the birds and feed on nuts, seeds, fruits and insects.

1 comment:

  1. Good morning Miss Ima. Those turkeys are lucky to be wild. I bet they are safe on your land. No hunting allowed there, I bet. It is quite a sight to see a huge flock of them in a field. Good choice for your post.