Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pond Tracks

On venturing out this morning I saw there had been a little activity on the pond last night. After several nights of teen temperatures the pond remains frozen and the animals are clearly in need of a drink. Numerous tracks are evident at both ends of the pond and I like the way that the traveler(s) crisscrossed the tracks for the X mark. Temperatures are forecast to rise into the forties this week and a thawing will give the thirsty creatures a drink.


  1. I have been seeing the tracks around also. Been trying to get shots of birds for FSO and I have plenty of birds outside, but as soon as I approach the window or try to go outside, they all fly away. I might have to show track, where the birds were.

  2. What kind of animal tracks are they? Have missed your posts.

  3. Dog or coyote, don't know which I would rather it be and rabbits of course and it is possible that one was after the other.