Saturday, February 6, 2010

Arbor 2

The gourd vines have now gone completely over the arbor and it is later into the season as you can see by the vines dying out at the base. This arbor crop was martin house gourds and yes the purple martins have been known to choose gourd houses over a man-built house. As this was my first crop the gourds were smooth, almost blemish free and that is because the cucumber beetles hadn't found us yet. I still have a few of the gourds from this first crop and am always amazed at their beautiful honey color. Another note on the construction of the arbors, we did make them wide enough for the lawn tractor to be driven through.


  1. Wow, Ima I missed yesterday's post for some reason. I am impressed. As you know I have some of your gourds. That sounds like a lot of work, but if your arbor is strong you should not have to build one again. Maybe some repairs each season.

  2. These arbors were constructed in 1995. I have done nothing to them since then.