Friday, February 5, 2010

Arbors 1

This is my first crop of gourds grown on an arbor. These arbors were constructed from the metal packing crates that the John Deere Company used to ship their lawn tractors in. We took them apart and reassembled them into frames then drove them into the ground, and covered them with woven wire fencing. The planting base is made from old railroad ties and strips of aluminum siding were placed on the inside to prevent the gourds from growing into the arbor and also to help keep the weeds out. You can place the plants much closer together when you are growing vertically.


  1. Wow----I am seriously impressed! I'd give my right arm for a set up like that! Of course, if I tried to make one, well, I'd be better off with the packing crate..... <:[


  2. And if I tried to make one, I probably would give my right arm-- literally. ;-)

    Actually, I am just really impressed at the forethought and effort that you put into this. The grown vines are lovely too-- even without the production of gourds. Well done!