Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Red Fox ?

A Red Fox ? The size is larger than an average fox and I have not seen one with this much grey coloring in it's fur. It has been seen hunting here for several days now and I have no complaint with that as we are overrun with voles and moles. Foxes are found in most of the U.S. and Canada. They are omnivores, eating fruits, berries, grasses, insects and small mammals. They mate between January and March and usually give birth to a litter of two to ten kits. Except for breeding they do not usually use a den and sometimes will sleep in the open with their tails wrapped around their nose for warmth. Photo compliment of SDG.


  1. I've seen a fox (not sure of kind) at Nazareth, and my parents hear them yipping some nights (mating season?) on the edges of Bardstown.

  2. Have often seen one over on Lutheran Church Road come down from the woods that lead back to Bernheim. Another painting inspiration.

  3. I have a beautiful Red fox he came up this winter standing on a rock in the front rock garden, He was majestic and orange colored.
    I love your story..I just painted 2 fox