Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wild Onion/Garlic

Wild onions are members of the lily family and are known by many onion/garlic names. The flowers are white, sometimes pink or purple. I never see the blooms as the mower is in operation before bloom time in this area. They are edible but first things first, do not eat any wild onion/garlic that has been sprayed with any chemicals and do take a stem and break it and smell, it should smell like onion. They can be used on baked potatoes , in soups and salads, try cooking them in a skillet with a small amount of water and a little bacon grease then add beaten eggs and scramble. They can also be frozen for later use. Another word of caution, do not overeat wild onion/garlic as it will send you to the "throne room". On the plus side they give a boost to your immune system and mosquitoes and gnats will leave you alone.


  1. Great info. I sure don't need any additional time in the 'throne room.' My chives are coming up in my pot on the patio. Now those I use a lot. I have some pansies out since they are hardy little devils. So glad I realized you were missing from my list.

  2. I just picked, broke, and smelled a wild onion the other day-- right after planting bunching onions in a container. I thought it ironic that I'm planting something nature has already supplied; however, I didn't note the supply initially-- the fine weather has only recently caused them to emerge in recognizable clumps.

  3. never seen a wild onion...unless you count the chives that grew all over the place!!! hahaha....great post today!