Saturday, April 17, 2010

Housing Starts Are Up

Location....Location....Location...the mantra of real estate professionals and builders. It seems the plentiful supply of construction materials have led some new home builders to make poor site selections. This newly constructed home, already occupied, is situated less than three feet from the ground in an ailing Bamboo Nandina bush. One can only hope that good fortune will smile on this young couple and give them the happy ending they believe awaits them. More on this story to follow.


  1. Thank goodness the beautiful Weedy Acres Home is back. We missed you so. The news does sound good for the new home builders. Last night one builder keep me awake all night long. Right outside my window in the holly tree. I was so aggravated at first, but just decided to relax and enjoy the singing and celebrating. Loving the beautiful spring weather but sneezing my head off. Blessings

  2. Fingers are crossed for this little family. Hopefully all will be well.