Monday, May 24, 2010

New Faces At Weedy Acres

"Mama" and one of her babies. Groundhog, woodchuck, marmot are some of the names used to identify the largest member of the squirrel family. They dig burrows up to forty six feet in length and will have up to five entrance/exit holes. Grasses, plants and fruits make up most of their diet. Climbing trees and swimming are activities to be enjoyed or for escape if needed. If provoked they make a whistling noise and this has earned them the nickname whistle-pig in some areas. Not usually welcomed by humans as they can undermine the foundations of buildings and ponds with their burrowing.


  1. Cute as a button for sure.

  2. I had one of these under my shed one was a battle to see who would win.
    I got those things that are *supposed* to gas out gophers and almost set the shed on fire. The groundhog was not phased. I put more in, gassed myself. Groudhog was still there.
    I don't recall how we got it out, or if we scared it out and then put down chickenwire and rocks.
    They are tenacious....I do love seeing them from a distance!


  3. Look at that fuzzy baby! I've never heard the term whistle pig - funny!

  4. They are cute, but the males are HUGE! A few years ago we had to catch and relocate a whole family, as they had dug their burrow right next to my MIL's in-ground pool.