Friday, May 7, 2010

Robin Babies

The little ones have not opened their eyes in this photo taken on May 2. They have the beginnings of feathers but will the keep the 'fluff' on the head for a while. There are four babies in this nest and it is already crowded and will become more so as they grow.  The photo that I have placed in the header is of one of the parents. It is perched on a bird house but robins do not nest in bird houses but build their nest of mud and grasses and are known to place them in precarious places such as low in a Nandina bush or on the top of an automobile tire while the car is parked.


  1. I have had robin's nests in my magnolia tree, which sways in the storms so that they almost get thrown out.
    One year the nest was collapsing after copious rains, so I gingerly hoisted a ladder up, encompassed the nest (youngsters and all!) with a leg of support panty hose! I prayed the parent birds would return, and they did. For that brood, a second, and the folowing year.
    Which goes to show sometimes nests need *girdles* too.... ;)