Monday, May 17, 2010

Wild Sweet Pea

I find it amazing that after sixteen years of living here at Weedy Acres new items are constantly appearing. In early spring I noticed these purple flowers in the fence row and at the edge of the mowed area of the field. They are exquisite and small reaching only a few inches in height. They are also called everlasting pea and perennial pea. The most interesting fact about the wild sweet pea is that the structure of the flower allows only one type of insect to pollinate it, the bee.


  1. Isn't nature awesome? Constantly surprising!

  2. Sweet peas are April's birth flower-- my month. I didn't know there were wild ones though. Pretty and useful!

  3. We used to have those abundantly here---every fencerow would be covered in the Spring, older garden had it in profusion, and occasionally you would see a white variety.
    Now it is rare to see and generally only in older homesteads in the country, or where homes once were. I lost my start and have searched since.....
    It is a lovely lovely old plant.