Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bunny Babies

Do you know that a mama rabbits milk is so rich that the babies only nurse about five minutes a day, that they can see behind them but have a blind spot in front of their face? We think of them with those two large front teeth but they actually have twenty eight teeth and those front teeth, they never stop growing. I have watched them doing a 'binky' which is jumping and twisting three or more feet into the air, it is said they do this when they are happy. I seem to have a lot of happy rabbits here. This mama and kitten, yes they are called kittens, are sharing a moment that has made a great shot for the photographer.


  1. I call my piece of land *Rabbit Hill*.....there are bunnies galore and I love watching them toward dusk, when they come out and a couple of the younger ones start the binkies and chasing and running at wapr speed through the rose bushes and chasing robins! It is a hoot to watch! They have a most ornery personality.
    I used yo have a pet rabbit, and I have considered one again, but the two budgies keep me busy......I think I'll just enjoy the ones outside for now! :)


  2. What a precious moment to catch. Bunnies are the sweetest!

  3. Wild young bunnies at my house too-- I love them! ;-)

  4. I love your blog. It always brightens up my day.