Thursday, June 17, 2010

Teasel, Teazle

I have allowed a small patch of Teasel to grow this year, I may regret it next year. The old english name Teazle means to tease cloth and the heads of teasel were used to raise the nap on woolen cloth. It has medicinal properties and even the water that collects in the leaves have been used in cosmetics and to soothe inflammation of the eyes. The teasel plant can grow to heights of seven feet and the tap root can grow to depths of more than two feet. A single plant can produce over two thousand seeds. Today teasel is used in horticultural plantings and dried flower arrangements. The flowers when they appear will be purple and I will try to do a post of them again.


  1. Ima,
    Thanks for the comment. I planted Thistle to attract Yellow finch birds and sorry I did it is coming up all over my yard. I Think I have seen that plant in a florist. Hope it doesn't spread like mine did.. I am enjoying the summer..Have a good one. yvonne

  2. As long as you dead head it, you should have no worries.
    I remember driving through a section of Ohio where for miles along a roadside, all the teasel was white. I don't know if there is a second variety, or if it was something in the soil, but there was enough that it had spread and spread. The green on it was a more chartreus color too, come to think of it.