Thursday, June 24, 2010

Teasel, Teazle In Bloom

The first flower buds are appearing on the teasel. A beautiful bluish purple bud that starts in the center of the flower head.

Blooming will progress up, down and around the flower head. As the buds unfold the white stamens seem to burst from their centers.

This small patch of teasel is capable of producing thousands of teasel plants so corrective action will begin soon.


  1. Oh that is so beautiful but you are right, of course about the control. I have never heard of this plant. Always educational at this neck of the woods.

  2. That is awesome! Mother Nature at her best. A reminder that we should all slow down and smell (and watch!)the flowers.

  3. Kept under control, they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I have donned leather gloves before to cut stems to include in bouquets where they just add an amazing bit of zing! (they add that too if those barbs get in the fingers....)
    Yep, just deadhead them religiously, and you'll be fine. :)


  4. oh but they are certainly pretty!!! how ya been friend? I have missed a lot of my favorites in the recent weeks while I have been so busy...hope you are doing well!