Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crab Apple

The crab apple tree has branches loaded and drooping to the ground. I did not intend for this tree to be, an ornamental crab apple was planted and a few suckers came up that I neglected and overnight  (it seems) there was a tree bearing fruit. Much fruit! These small fruits make a delicious jelly that is good served with cold meats during the holidays. The critters enjoy eating them as well. The difference between a crab apple and an apple? Any apple with less than a two inch diameter is considered a crab apple.


  1. And crab apples fit very well into your EAR when flying by on the John Deere while mowning! LOL!!! That was MY latest adventure with mine...which is very small this year. Fruit is bad; not sure it will even be good for the birds.
    Love the pic!


  2. I did not know that about crab apples. Beautiful picture too.

  3. Hope you are enjoying the summer. The Temp in Maine this Morning is 64 and it gets up to the mid 8o somedays. A week ago we had some days on the coast that were 90 degrees, HOT for Maine.
    I had planted Apple trees next door. Sold the house. The new owners cut them down I was screaming those are apple tree's. I bit my lip because it's their house now. I remember crabapples in Ohio, so pretty..Thanks for your great comment. yvonne

  4. I will take lots of pictures so it will feel like you were really there!!!
    Enjoy your day.