Monday, August 23, 2010

Ironweed Flowers

The flowers of the Ironweed are small and bloom in clusters that sit atop the plant. Blooming progresses from the center of the cluster to the edges. Even though the blooms themselves are somewhat small, when seen close up they have an exotic look to them.  Flower color ranges from lavender to purple and white flowers are considered rare. Classified as a wildflower and perennial herb it is recommended to grow alongside stream edges, to naturalize meadows and to grow as a border in flower gardens. It provides color from late August to October and is a majestic plant.


  1. Oh I love the purple and lavender. So glad to see a new wildflower. I surely did not know much about them.

  2. From your close up I am not sure if they are a flower that I am familiar with. Must Google it.

  3. I really like your post you done a great jobs . Thanks for sharing valuable information.

  4. Very pretty, never heard of it. It looks kinda
    like beesbaum. Thanks for comment, working at a vineyard, I would love to have done that, bet you met a bunch of happy people. Yvonne