Saturday, October 9, 2010

Red Admiral Butterfly

The insects, bugs and butterflies are disappearing from the fields but this Red Admiral butterfly was catching a few late afternoon rays several days ago.
One interesting thing about this butterfly is that the males are territorial and will chase other males from the area that they claim. The caterpillars will use silk to help fold and hold a leaf together and then feed alone inside this nest. Red Admiral butterflies can be seen throughout most of North America.


  1. I gota beautiful butterfly photo several weeks ago I need to post--am not sure it is the same; I don't think so.
    Yesterday I saw a lone monarch floating through the warm you said the butterflies are going, but we have been swamped with hornets, wasps and the chinese *lady-bugs* (orange--not the real red ones) and they have ALL been pests.
    Love your photo!


  2. I have not seen one of those at my house. There seems to be only three different ones on my bushes. This is a beautiful shot. You are getting great with that new toy.

  3. Ima, I am sure Diane Keaton would love to meet you. Who knows maybe you could be a standin in
    her next film. Tee Hee.:) I have seen that butter a long time ago, either Texas, or Florida.
    Not in Maine. It is 40 here this Sunday morning, Yesterday we went to Damariscotta for the Pumpkin carving I just did the post. yvonne