Thursday, December 16, 2010

Grey Icy World

 This grey icy world we are in today will be transformed into the sparkle of magic land if tomorrow brings us the sunshine that is forecast. I can't get into the barn so some of the sunflower feeders are running low. I am glad to have thistle sacks for the finches and other small birds even though I replaced them today for they were ice covered, too. The boughs of the pines are all drooping down, every blade of grass is ice covered and it is a crunchy and slippery time to be treading about.


  1. I love the way a slight coating of ice leaves everything looking magical; we had a bad ice storm a couple of years ago and lost trees~~~that is the ice that I don't like.
    But even then, there were beautiful photos to be had!


  2. Yes the ice makes a beautiful photo. Love those berries. I took some pics today. 6 inch icicles around our bird feeder. Hope you got good boops, er boots. (Our granddaughter used to call them boops.) Christmas blessings.