Friday, January 7, 2011

Tracking Snow

I am cold and I have spent most of the day blog hopping around to sites that have pictures from warmer climates where the sun is shining. Grey days send me to the kitchen on too many foraging trips.
The snow has been blowing around throughout most of the day with little accumulation. What would have been called a light tracking snow was in evidence early this morning. I always enjoy seeing what animals have been out and about over night.  The rabbit tracks on the porch always give Mandy a good start to her day as she runs around the yard sniffing and woofing.


  1. You have got tracks for sure. I see your little tootsies too. Guess I will have to bring lots of water to class Monday since I start drinking at 1 PM for Tuesday. U sure don't want to miss that darling box we are working on. LOL

  2. we are supposed to be getting almost a foot of snow between tonight and monday ....I will be tracking some thing too...more than likely it will be my shovel! have a good weekend friend...I hope to be around more this year than last!

  3. And that would be the 'bright side' of snow!