Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tulips From Turkey?

I mostly post about 'weedy things' but I treated myself to a five dollar bouquet of tulips from Walmart. Snapping a macro shot and doing a quick internet search gave me information I did not associate with the tulip.  The year 1594 is the official date of tulips flowering in The Netherlands. Forty years later Tulip mania captured the minds and purses of Holland. But, the tulip arrived in The Netherlands from the Ottoman Empire and the word tulip is derived from the Persian word 'dulban' or turban.


  1. My favorite kind of post. Beautiful photos and the history behind the subject. Did not know that.

  2. Beautiful photo!
    I remember reading about the exorbitant prices paid for tulip bulbs; people basically losing a fortune over the chance to own a bulb.
    And then, in WW2, when the hardest of times were upon people, having nothing but tulip bulbs to eat.
    They are one of my favorites, and I cannot grow them due to feeding all the *critters* who seem to enjoy them for a gourmet lunch.
    Perhaps I should buy a bouquet too....


  3. Absolutely of my favorite flowers!

  4. of my favorite flowers!

  5. Now this is interesting. I knew tulips were once a form of currency in Holland, but I did not know that they originated in Turkey. Whatever their provenance, they are one of spring's delights.