Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Boots

New boots for the clean-up jobs.
 I think tons of rain fell over the past few days.
Water in the gulch swift enough to take
the soil off the tree base.


  1. Got any hummers yet? Love your new boots. I brought my oil painting home. Sr. said leave it alone for a couple of weeks and not add anything until I decide if it is time to stop. I will have it posted on Wednesday. Will bring it Monday, since I will not allow myself to forget it.

  2. I was thinking of a new pair and do like that boot.


  3. Those boots would make mucking about in the mud fun!

  4. Spiffy boots - love the blue color and are those horses on there? Normally you see them bright yellow with blue duckies on there ;-) Whatever works! I had a pair of rubber boots when I was a kid in Germany - we didn't have any paved roads to our house and we got stuck in the mud or snow lots of times.