Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Homes & Vacancies

Features of this new high rise include a fabulous view.

This newly constructed home is occupied and
preparations are being made to welcome
new additions.

New to the market is this small single family dwelling.
It is available for immediate possession.


  1. Sad to say we have one for rent too. The heavy winds upturned the next and the tiny baby chicks fell out. We didn't find them until it was too late to save them. Love the blue eggs.

  2. I always have an abundance of robin's nests. It seems they build several and then use one....
    Your second nest looks like some kind of sparrow; we have them here that are tiny and made of the finest grass....truly amazing.
    Okay, back to the grindstone... (plus I just got all my blogs back in the dashboard after Blogger ate them..*sigh*)


  3. What pretty photos - well, I'm going to take a break from commenting, but I'll be back to see more of your lovely blog. I find your posts very interesting.

    Have a lovely Independence Day. Time to dig out my sparklers. (Yeah, I'm a wild child!) LOL