Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vacancy Filled

New residents ! 
Mama bird at home today with two 
beautiful blue eggs. 
This home has been constructed on a precarious site. 
Isn't that part of the robins'  house building fame ? !
Sitting a little less than half way down a woven
wire fence makes this new home more 
accessible for loss of content.


  1. What is it with robins???
    I had one build in my magnolia. There are lots of strong branches in the tree, but NO, they had to build on the weak ones.
    That was the year, after a rain storm, I had to get a ladder and a pair of pantyhose and make the nest a *girdle* to hold it in till the little ones were full grown.
    It was amusing as they watched me while I was working......curious, I guess!


  2. Gorgeous!!!!
    I love spring...and this is one sure sign of it!

    Ciao Bella!


  3. This photo looks almost unreal - the color of the eggs is so brilliant. I don't know why birds chose their nesting site like they just has to trust that they know what they're doing because I'd worry about that all day long!