Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ant Farmers and Aphid Herds

Noticing the ants and aphids on this weed transported me back to school days where we learned that ants 'farm' aphids. The ant 'milks' the aphid by stroking it with it's antenna which in turn causes the aphid to produce honeydew for the ant. 


  1. So that's why they are always around together!
    Wow--I learn something new to explain what I see. Pretty amazing.
    Ants are a pest in the house but a quite intriguing study outside!


  2. Oh, yeah! I remember learning this before, but I forgot. Thanks for the reminder. Did you ever see the movie ANTZ where the queen held a pet aphid all the time? It was such a cute flick!

    I love watching Nature shows on PBS and get down into the nitty gritty of the bug's world...I also found the life cycle of the Fig wasps very interesting!