Sunday, July 17, 2011

Four Paws of the Family

A weekend with the granddoggies filled with fun
times outdoors and indoors, good naps and treats.
Angel is the oldest at seventeen and
was adopted by my son when Angel's
family needed to return to California and
couldn't take her with them. She has been
with us for several years and is a Shetland

Mini Pearl is the blue-eyed girl that
came running down my driveway one
November afternoon and had puppies
ten days later. She also was adopted by 
my son. She is about five years old now.
Mini is a small Australian Shepherd.

Lord Porkchop of Paris aka as Porky
is the newest member and his mama,
Tiff, is just crazy about him. He is an 
English Bulldog.

Mandy is actually a granddoggie that lives with me
full time and we are really good buddies. She is an older 
dog as well. Mandy is a Shetland Sheepdog. My son and
I have been partial to the Shelties for years. They are 
wonderful dogs.

Sophie is a 16-17 year old cat that came to the 
door as a kitten and said, 'let me in' and is a
marvelous companion. She looks serious in 
this photo because she wanted my assistance.
If you are a cat owner you understand this.

Blackie is my Dad's cat that I am now
caring for and he and I are becoming
good friends too.


  1. Hi there.....can finally pop in to say hi. My oh My you have a fine little brood of animals. Shelties are such beautiful and regal least that is what I think.

    Thanks so much for all your visits and for following along on my little journey.



  2. i love the beautiful dogs, they are just plain PRETTY , BARBARA

  3. Oh my goodness what lovely animals. I meant What a nice family you have

  4. (this may be a duplicate because I got a error message when sending!)

    I think that you have a beautiful fur family and I bet that when they are all together there's never a dull moment. Animals are so much like children and respond almost in the same way!

    It's nice that you can keep so many. I always had dogs and/or cats depending on where I lived. I can't imagine my life without them...and if they are not in heaven (like some people belief) then I do not want to go there either!