Monday, July 11, 2011

Pancake Stack

Had to think of pancakes when I saw these. There 
were several old, old trees on the property when I
arrived here. Through the years storms have taken
most of them out.  The fungi appears from their 
their root systems.


  1. This and the mushroom photo in the post below are so interesting. I can appreciate the angle from which you had to shoot them.

    What a varied world we live in - we need to take the time to observe, as you have.

  2. Some great photos and what an imagination. Love the last couple of post.

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  4. I was thinking they'd be just the right size to grill and put on a bun instead of a beef patty, but then I don't even know their name and whether they are poisonous or not.

    Growing up in Germany, I went on many a mushroom hunts with my family and we all ate a wide variety of mushrooms, from tiny yellow buttons you had to dig up from just below the forest surface to round orange ones with white circles on the top that had a milky discharge and even pitch black velvety looking trumpet shaped mushrooms growing on the side of a tree. My dad was a mushroom expert! He studied a book that showed you the edible kind on one page and the opposite page had a similar looking mushroom that was poisonous. I miss all the varieties of mushrooms I got to eat back then. I don't even see those anymore.