Monday, August 15, 2011

Bees..Bees..the Buzz

Do you know there are over 3500 species of
bees in North America?
This one is a member of the Halictid family think
sweat bee. She is on a chicory blossom and look
at the bundles of pollen on her legs. Only female
bees collect pollen. She is a solitary bee as well and 
lives in the ground or in wood.


  1. I love bees! What a nice photo ... we have lots of bees here too. The Georgia state insect is the bee. I can find them even in winter on a sunny day, bumbling around, more sluggish than in the summer, but still out looking for blossoms. I feel kine of sorry for the bees because they live to work and then they die in just a short 35 days - they literally work themselves to death and when you think about how much work it takes to get just one teaspoon of honey? Most people don't even appreciate that! So sad!

  2. Correction: The GA state in sect is the honey bee!