Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bessie and Bossy....

were the favorite names for cows when I was 
growing up on the farm. Of course we milked 
them and talked to them on a daily basis. I wonder,
are farmers naming their cows today ?  And what
are the favorite names? The cattle in this photo are
not milk cows.


  1. I've only heard of Farmers' children naming a cow or a bull, especially if he's going to go to a fair to win a ribbon - and when he has to go away, the kids are shattered cuz it's like losing a pet for them. I would imagine it's not easy being a Cattle Farmer's child...I don't eat beef anymore and really feel sad for cattle that's bred for eating...what a sad, short life!

  2. I bet they are still Bessie and Bossie. Hey I found out Tom and Gracie are really Henry and Henrietta.LOL