Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mole Cricket

So much for thinking of crickets that 'fiddle' us to sleep with their night music. This not so small, close to two inches in size, Mole Cricket has shovel like forelegs that dig and do damage to plants, lawns and especially golf courses.  And not only is he equipped to dig and live beneath the earth's surface but he can fly as well, the wonders that Mother Nature bestows on some of her creatures! If you would like a really good look, please do a google search for  better detail.


  1. That is one ugly lookin' bug! LOL LOL


  2. I saw enough detail by clicking on your photo - you must have a very good camera because that is great photography - I never heard of a Mole Cricket. My friend who runs the Banks Lake Outpost sells crickets for fishermen. I've never given them much thought, except that the cage has to be cleaned and they like fruit - she puts pieces of orange in there and sometimes a few escape and then the skinks get them...very interesting! Thanks for sharing and yes, the excitement is building at least on my part. Gizzy snoozes and acts undisturbed - until Saturday afternoon when we pick up Weezie after her long 8 hour ride all the way from MS - can't wait :-)

  3. Whoa not as pretty as your last post but yes great photography. Never heard of that one either. Enjoy the weather and shoot some more bugs.