Sunday, October 16, 2011

Poke Berries

Have you looked real close up at poke berries? Are these not pretty and interesting? Do remember that the seeds and roots are extremely poisonous. This has been a bumper year for pokeweed, lots of heat and lots of rain have made some plants into giants. This one managed to get a foot hold close to the porch and I let it grow, until today. It was a beautiful plant.


  1. They might be poisonous, but the color is very pretty.

  2. Love your new header. I have those all over the back part of our property. They are indeed a beautiful color. Beautiful color to paint.

  3. I love poke berries.They are one of the most beautiful plants to photograph, at all different stages of their life.
    I used to pick them as a child and come home with dyed hands and clothes....I am sure mother's thoughts about them *might* be a little less sweet!