Monday, December 26, 2011


like Dill Green Beans...
the beans...dill and garlic all grown in a friend's garden
....hand picked... packed and processed by the friend
and presented in a basket lined with a blue plaid fabric.
Each bean will be savored.
A beautiful gift.
A good gift.


  1. Dill? Sounds great. Wishing you the very best year ever.. yvonne

  2. What a great friend. All grown, green and put up my her hand.

  3. Isn't home made gifts just the best?

  4. Ima, I love a gift like that. It is such effort and work from the heart. My you
    be blessed all through the year 2012.

    The best new year ever, yvonne

  5. Homemade gifts are wonderful. I love these tasty things - what a good friend you have.

    Happy New Year, Ima.

  6. Hi Ima,

    I'm responding to your comment on my blog here. About the pine sawyers - are they the same as the pine beetles? They have devastated forests all over this province. But they seem to have run their course (we hope). The trees in the photo in this post are firs and cedars and haven't been affected.

    Do you have the same devastation in your area? Dead pines all over - red forests.