Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Blue Jar

A gorgeous blue color of glass. Are you old enough to remember it ?

Yes, that is the logo on the bottom.

Today's blue jar. No beauty here.

Not flannel but still needed.

Yes, I have what my Dad called the 'epizootic' and part of the cure always includes Vick's VapoRub  along with DayQuil and one for night time too as well as Halls honey lemon cough drops. I may not be at full bounce tomorrow but I know I will be better.

A time line of the Vick's company and two interactive books can be  found here.


  1. It seems everyother person is sick. I am so sorry you are sick. I am sleeping with the Vick's and flannel cloth also. Wish I had some ear medicine. Great post with that jar. Put some of that Vick's on the bottom of your feet and put some cotton socks on. From Mamaw Jones.

  2. Oh yes, I recognize that blue bottle. I'm sorry it's now plastic. I guess we should have saved some of them for posterity.
    I hope the Vick's does the trick soon. So far, we've avoided illness this winter.