Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Extra Day

February's 'extra day' gave us wind, rain, and about four tornado watch/warnings. There was such a downpour that at one time the front field looked like a river was flowing through it. Mother Nature did relent and withdrew the rain and left behind a humid seventy degree temperature this afternoon. I like the thought of an 'extra day' versus 'leap year'. 


  1. Up to thighs in snow. Let ne know if you get this. My computer is not sending comments. yvonne

  2. I see I fixed it. Can you believe this weather?
    Is it really Global warming? Was Al Gore right?
    Can't wait till spring, more snow .

    March is coming in like a lion.
    stay safe.

  3. Nice photo and again today Thursday puddle around all my trees and still raining.