Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Finds

An empty pod of Honeyvine Milkweed. The Fairy like seeds all blown away to bloom in another field this year. This plant is recommended by beekeepers as a source of pollen for honey production. And of course it is a favorite of the Monarch butterfly as well. It does spread easily and can become a noxious weed if not controlled.


  1. Have seen many of those but did not know what they were. You would think I grew up in the city instead of the edge of the country. LOL

  2. Ima, I have seen the pods, did not know it was milkweed.. Thanks for the comments. yvonne

  3. Never heard of it. The Monarch butterfly caterpillars used to eat up all my Passion Vine leaves when I lived in California and I spent hours picking them off and tossing them over the fence. I wanted to have butterflies but also my Passion Vine.

  4. Oh, I love Milkweed! So ethereally soft & light. I don't dare have it in my small untidy garden but I do have its slightly less aggressive Monarch-attracting relative, Butterfly Weed.

    I also have bronze fennel in my garden to feed the Tiger Swallowtails... the caterpillars eat almost every bit, but it's worth it!