Thursday, February 9, 2012


To Angel, the Granddoggie that has lived with and loved us for many years.  She had heart surgery as a puppy and came to live and share in our lives when her original family moved back to California. She was devoted to my son and I think she really enjoyed living in the country as these pictures indicate. We will miss her greatly.


  1. Oh did Angel just pass away? She is so beautiful.

  2. marilyn , roger told me how sick she was on the day that she died. they i saw where tiff said she died why shannon was home. my heart broke for him and you. i sent shannon a short note. and also i put a pic of him with her. on my site . such a great pic. i wanted to show my family members that are pet lovers . you know i am not a pet owner but your and shannons dogs were about the prettiest that i have ever seen. your in my thought s love ya ,.barbara

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry. You are the third friend who has lost a special, beloved pet this week. It's always so hard even when you know it's coming... my heart goes out to you.

  4. Ima,
    I feel for you, what a gorgeous Dog.
    God gave us these fabulous Dogs to share
    our lives with and love.I still dream of my dog,
    it's been 8 months now. The house is so empty.
    We should be glad we had that time with them.
    I hope I see my dog in Heaven.

  5. Oh so sad about your friend. They are so cute loyal and wonderful. I cry with you. You know All Dogs really do Go To Heaven....