Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Catkins on Wild Cherry

A catkin that is just beginning to start the bloom. 

From small, tightly closed buds to magnificent
tiny flowers.

A wild cherry tree is an explosion of beauty. And no,
there are no edible cherries on a wild cherry tree
for human consumption.


  1. An explosion of beauty indeed! I love the geometry of the catkins in bud, like little molecular models...

  2. Thanks to your informative post I never knew what that was. That looks a little like my white butterfly bush. I grew up in the rural area not not on a farm or else I was not too inquisitive. Thanks for the lesson.

  3. Ima,
    I have a bush that blooms in summer called Summer sweet, it looks like that with pink flowers.
    Did some yard work yesterday, today it is tooo cold.
    Happy Easter Dear one. yvonne

  4. Not sure if I have ever seen such a tree in real life - or maybe I did, but just don't recognize it now, but it sure does look very spring flowers, especially flowering trees. Our blossoms did not last long this year, they got all burned up by the sun.

  5. My small city garden had two wild cherry trees blocking the morning sun. My brother-in-law chopped them down for me to allow more morning sun in my garden. I couldn't afford the stump removal charge.

    Well, the one wild cherry refused to die. It sprouted new shoots from the trunk. I decided this tree was meant to be in the yard. The birds love it! This time I shall leave it alone.