Sunday, May 6, 2012

Out and About

Lots of green meditation happening here. The green pony is running 
most every day.

The Tulip Poplar Tree, Kentucky's state tree and a Mother's
Day gift a dozen years ago. Fast growing, beautiful trees.

Just one of the beautiful blossoms adorning the Tulip Poplar tree.


  1. Hey I like that mosaic. You could link up with Mosaic Monday. I love a Tulip Poplar Tree. The bloom is beautiful. Love that shot of the fence shadows.

  2. Oh! I love tulip poplars. There was one growing in the front yard of our family home when I was a kid. And your fence-shadow photo made me nostalgic for the year I spent in Lexington long ago... those rail fences should be the state ex-tree of Kentucky for sure!