Monday, December 31, 2012

Little Things

Found this piece of twine while going through some papers a few days ago. Twine that is used in hay balers, the ones that make square bales, the kind my Dad used to work on. If Dad was out and decided to stop by and I wasn't at home he would tie a small piece of twine to the handle on the storm door to let me know he had been here. He always had twine in his truck. Most times the pieces tied to the door found their way to the trash can. So, it was a really good feeling to find this piece of twine and the memories that came with it.


  1. sending warm hugs and lots of best wishes.
    Happy New Year Dear Friend.


  2. Ima this is such a good post. Funny how those memories are so cherished. Save that string. love yvonne

  3. wishing you a great new year.
    We have snow AGAIN!!!!
    It's getting in single numbers too.