Saturday, February 9, 2013

Doors and Windows

I am borrowing a theme for this post. My friend Daylily here is a
member of the Friday Shoot Out team. A photography challenge
is issued for each Friday and I enjoy checking out all the wonderful
sites that are posted from various members around the world. Here 
are a few from my stash.

From the Homestead Bed & Breakfast...the aged door to the
 cellar...I absolutely love this green door on the yellow ochre
shop and I suppose the chicken on the door tells the use of the
small structure. Her chickens lay the best tasting eggs ! 


From a building at Nazareth ...Beautiful window designs...I like
the clear glassed ones almost as much as the stained glass due to
the unique shapes...replacing some of these panes would require
the work of a glass artist.


  1. That looks like a fun bed and breakfast.
    great photo's. The church is like one in England. , Well, I am waiting to get dug out
    can't open the doors for the snow.


  2. Wow love it. Great photos. I had to use old ones as I did not get out except to go to the M.D. with Tom. We all love to paint doors. Yvonne is having a rough time isn't she? Can you imagine that much snow.