Saturday, April 6, 2013

Green Pony Day

...and a beautiful day it is. We are out to pick up downed limbs
from the winter winds and a few trimmings, too. Mandy is doing
her part to help and the 'pony' is ready for a ride over the hill and 
 dale.... 'green meditation' is good for my mind and soul. 
Let the mowing begin !


  1. Alleluia, the Queen of the Green Pony is on her throne again. Away she goes to conquer the Weeds on the Acres and to come back inside sneezing. LOL Love ya.

  2. BTW glad Mandy is able to be her usual great helper.

  3. Yes, warm days, I over did it planting bulbs yesterday.
    Today, snow sleet, gale force rains. It's a nutty spring,
    I have the fireplace on today..

  4. I can't move my fingers, to wet and cold to plant all my bulbs. Have you been watching the bombs in Boston, it's awful. we were going and changed our minds. 200 from Maine were in the race. The Red Socks won
    and then this on Patriots Day.