Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Parsley Meal

Each Spring I pot up some Curly Leaf Parsley and then place
the pot close to the porch door. Every day I water and wait.

Another porch pot has sweet mint,  just touching the leaves 
  releases a marvelous scent of summer. Sharing  the mint pot
 is some vibrant blue Lobelia. 

And here is the guest I have been waiting and watching for.
 The caterpillars have arrived and are feeding on this nutritious
meal. I think it's a pretty stunning creature at this stage and it  will
morph into a beautiful black swallowtail butterfly.


  1. Worth waiting for. Is the parsley the only plant that they feed on?

  2. They also like Dill and Fennel.

  3. I see you are smart. I planted Mint in the ground a few years ago. Gosh, it is an invasive plant. Pots from now on.
    I haven't seen any Caterpillars yet.
    I wish I had planted Fennel in the garden.
    I have to water every day, it is so Hot..

  4. Ima, It was 89 today, at least part of the afternoon we had a sea breeze. The last 4 days it was 90-92. This is crazy for Maine. Very few people have A/C. Normally we may get 3
    day the whole Summer where it is 88-90. This heat wave is awful.I have been clearing the path to the cove, mesquitos are so bad. The weed wacking I quess I have to do. The yard men suck around here. Mainers, most of the men are wimps.
    $50 bucks for a half A-- cut. I have been in Maine since
    1995 the people born here call us the A-way people.
    well this "a-way" gal is signing off. Take care, stay cool.

  5. July 24th Hey Ima ! !!
    what's going on with you? I am going into Hosp Friday, the heat is letting up and I have one tiny tomato, my Garden evidently does,t get enough sun Darn it...
    I love that Lobelia (blue) I make hanging baskets with it. Stay cool.